Metallurgical Superintendent

Бисса, Були (Буркина Фасо)






19 Сентября 2022


• Actively direct and manage all production activities of the processing facility, including production and downtime planning, budgeting, manning, costs control and profitability.
• Strictly maintain the application of the Health and Safety (H&S) rules, as well as respect for the environnent.
• Immediately report all H&S and Environmental incidents and lead the remedial action in collaboration with the Emergency Response Team (ERT).
• Maintain a cordial, just but firm relationship with subordinates, with the help of the Human Resources department, when required, amongst others, by applying the agreed disciplinary code.
• Create and maintain a log sheets system to monitor equipment’s utilization, plant performance, minimizing downtime, optimize maintenance planning, and maximize productivity.
• Validate production data reported by supervisors and operators.
• Provide advice in the establishment of production planning.
• Collaborate with upper management is setting up a global strategy for the treatment plant.
Report without delay, any failure to apply company policies, about corruption, professional conduct, disrespect of personal freedom / rights and rules to prevent discrimination at work.
• Manage the implementation of the metallurgical accounting system to enable reliable and continuous reporting on the performance of the processing plant;
• Ensure that metallurgical data is accurate and updated quickly;
• Manage metallurgical resources with the aim of maximizing gold, tonnage and recovery while maintaining the profitability of processing plant operations, against a range of KPIs;
• Develop, maintain, modify and improve the metallurgical strategies
• Manage the development of physical and budget/forecast cost models to accurately forecast production and operating costs and implement a system to measure performance against models;
• Provide support to operations personnel so that optimal gold recoveries can be achieved;
• Ensure accurate data recording and sample collection;
• Define, monitor and report on short-term metallurgical parameters and control strategies, including setting addition rates, as well as controlling and monitoring the use of all plant consumables;
• Participate in the recruitment of competent personnel to manage the operation of the metallurgical department of the processing plant;
• Manage the training and development of metallurgical employees;
• Interact closely with the department's improvement team and other departments of the Taparko mine to develop a consistent approach to continuous improvement and ensure the proper flow of information between all;
• Work effectively with minimal supervision and in a multicultural environment;
• Resolve short and medium term metallurgical issues related to the facility in operation, identify and implement continuous improvement projects;
• Review and improve standards and safe operating procedures for all metallurgical tasks (laboratory work and field work);
• Ensure that process and metallurgical samples are delivered on time and that non-routine samples are submitted in accordance with the appropriate procedure;
• Management of the metallurgical laboratory for tests and projects for continuous improvement and optimization of installations;
• Provide concise analysis of capital expenditure request with benefit analysis and purchase recommendation;
• Remain up to date with the mining industry laws in Burkina Faso on Health and Safety, Environment, Community Relations, labour relations, etc. Ensure that all subordinates are trained and empowered to implement all those for the benefit of all stakeholders;
• Complete all other related tasks, as identified by management and the requirements of the job.


  • 8 years’ experience in minerals processing, including gold ore processing plant.
  • 10 years’ experience in supervision and production management, with similar responsibilities in managing operations.
  • In-depth practical knowledge of methods and procedures related to gold recovery plants and procedures.
  • Previous experience in a gold processing laboratory;


  • Rotation schedule 42 days on site, 21 days offsite (including travels).
  • Comfortable conditions on site.
  • 15% annual bonus.


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