Security Operational Supervisor (N) Economic Security





Ingénieurs / Spécialistes


5 Mai 2022


  • Protection of the economic interest of SMD in terms of reducing additional production costs.
  • Audit of departmental expenditures.
  • Audit of fuel and oil consumption.
  • Responsible for economic Investigations.
  • Control of contracts and invoicing of service providers.
  • Cost variation analysis.
  • Implementation of new control procedures for cost reduction.
  • Responsible for the monthly report of economic security.
  • Responsible for monitoring overtime by employees.

And any other task that could be proposed by his hierarchical superior in relation to his profile.


Trainings « Knowledges » (What main knowledge the employee should have acquired?)

  • Finance
  • Economic

Competences: (What should he be able to do?)

  • Financial & economic analysis
  • Audit

Behaviors (what are the desirable ways of behaving?)

  • To be curious

To be perseverant



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