(Underground) UG E&I PLANNER







28 July 2023


Reporting to UG E&I Senior Supervisor or directly to UG E&I Superintendent.

The Underground Electrical & Instrumentation Planner develops, implements, coordinates and monitors maintenance plans in order of priority for preventative, shutdown, backlog, and ad-hoc maintenance work activities. 

The Underground Electrical & Instrumentation Planner incorporates fixed asset strategies and enhances planning processes to improve service quality, data accuracy, efficiency, and workplace safety.

Key Responsibilities:

Area 1: Develop electrical maintenance plans.

  • Plan and release work orders (task list, SOPs, permits, resourcing, materials, tools, equipment, costs, preliminary work, scheduling date);
  • Prepare shutdown project work packages that include the proper identification of shutdown scope and coordinate with the scheduler to determine important shutdown schedule milestones;
  • Develop work packages that clearly identify task conditions, constraints, hazard controls, permits, labor, equipment, materials, specialized tools, services, test and handover procedures, durations, sequencing, and timing;
  • Maintain a healthy UG E&I-fixed plant maintenance backlog with two (2) to four (4) workweeks of ready to schedule jobs;
  • Record service & maintenance activities and verify that data from completed work packages is accurately captured using EMMS in order to identify trends and opportunities for improvement;
  • Address any associated planning issues, such as operational requirements, parts availability, equipment deficiencies, inadequate work procedures, and data accuracy;
  • Update PM requirements with feedback from supervisor and crews and data from completed work orders;
  • Improve work package requirements and minimize costs without sacrificing safety or quality;
  • Lead UG E&I - fixed plant maintenance planning meetings to review and prioritize PMs, corrective, shutdown, and project work orders for planning;

Area 2: Operational Excellence.

  • Commit to training and mentoring of national Junior UG E&I planner;
  • Comply with all safe work practices, policies, and processes;
  • Seek for inefficiencies or problems by being proactive and solution driven;
  • Ensure problems and inefficiencies are shared with others;
  • Work collaboratively to troubleshoot and problems solve;
  • Consider risk along the five dimensions (throughput, time, quality, sustainability and cost);
  • Review the daily, weekly, and monthly KPIs performance against the maintenance plan and report non-conformances related to the targets;
  • Understand and recalibrate non-conformances to the plan and KPI targets and develop mitigating/corrective actions to achieve the longer-term plan;
  • Prepare forecasts for future maintenance activities on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis;
  • Operate and maintain the planning systems using company SAP mainframe;
  • Comply with international electrical standard, site electrical specifications, local labor laws and regulations;

Area 3: Work collaboratively with other to deliver operational reliability.

  • Coordinate with the reliability personnel, the development of reliability and maintenance strategies for critical equipment;
  • Provide and support communication links between production, maintenance, technical services, and operations employees;
  • Support the negotiation of various services and maintenance contracts;
  • Communicate with maintenance trades, engineers, and supervisors to ensure timely feedback is provided, received, and implement;
  • Facilitate and participate in the weekly multi-disciplinary scheduling meetings;
  • Communicate and coordinate with supply chain partners to ensure efficient collaboration between both department and items arrive as scheduled;
  • During the construction, pre-commissioning, and commissioning phases, support the implementation of the maintenance system;


Knowledge and skills:

  • Strong experience with ETAP, AutoCAD, EMMS, SAP and considerable knowledge computer literature;
  • Experience with electrical design and calculations;
  • Ability to plan and monitor the short and medium planning function as per underground mining plan;
  • Ability to prepare electrical long terms plans and schedules for all current and future installations based on underground mining plan;
  • Excellent knowledge of data acquisition techniques and QA/QC procedures;
  • Knowledge electrical drilling machine such jumbo drill, solo drill, cubex drill, cabel bolter drill;
  • Knowledge electrical equipment such transformer, generator, switchgears, MCC, VSD, Motor, genset, batch plan, pump, fan;
  • Knowledge underground electrical equipment reticulations installations;
  • Financial analysis and risk analysis techniques;
  • Project planning and budgeting skills;
  • Attention to detail and analytical skills;
  • Knowledge of internationals electrical standard;
  • Knowledge of UG electrical installations & mine safety requirements;
  • Considerable knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of electricity;
  • Fluency in English both written and spoken, knowledge of French desirable but not essential;
  • Driving license B-category. Knowledge driving LV, IT, Tele Handler, Fork Lift and scissor lift;

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