Mobile Maintenance Senior Supervisor





Front line


7 June 2023


  • This position will accept responsibility at the workforce level for the SAFE, timely and cost effective supervision of maintenance activities in support of Komatsu and CAT fleet at SMD Lefa. 
  • Responsibilities will include:
  1. SAFETY program monitoring and development 
  2. Transfer of proven maintenance best practices
  3. Maintenance quality monitoring
  4. Continuous improvement of workshop & field Maintenance activities. 
  5. Carrying out OEM level diagnosis in case of equipment breakdowns and suggesting appropriate repairs.
  6. Using OEM or equivalent technologies to down load and analyze equipment data and information’s to generate equipment status reports 
  7. Provide equivalent to KOMATSU PM Clinic and CAT PSR reports in order to understand machine performance and to identify possible adjustments or repairs required.
  8. Carry out CFA’s for all failures, providing technical reports.
  9. Provide Caterpillar and or Komatsu best practice on the job training to Shop and field technicians.
  10. Assess and suggest improvements to the maintenance and repair methods/procedures used on site.


  •  English language 
  • Industry applicable trade qualification and extensive in filed hands on experience with large mining equipment fleet, preferably CAT and Komatsu experience with extensive CAT mining excavator experience.  
  • Ability and experience in complying with a high level of site environmental, health and safety standards and policies.
  • High level troubleshooting skill set for all systems on Komatsu and CAT main production fleet.
  • Proven competency with regards failure analysis.  
  • Strong knowledge of correct usage of VIMS and VHMS
  • Strong knowledge of KOMATSU PM clinic and CAT PSR 
  • Ability to safely perform manual trade related tasks for example to remove replace and/or repair failed or otherwise defective parts and components.
  • Understanding of QA/QC for maintenance tasks and backlog completion
  • Ability to provide electronic reports relating to daily activities. 
  • Proven ability to transfer knowledge to national work force through on the job training including providing Quarterly documented feedback on the matter. 
  • Ability to provide on the job guidance and leadership to a national team to complete successful equipment PCR’s  
  • Maintain the maintenance work area in a safe, clean, managed condition
  • Assist in maintenance tasks including running repairs, breakdown response this may include afterhours work

Component replacements, equipment inspections, backlog repairs etc


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